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January 4, 2010 sarahjameswrites

My Green Man has come home at last – and with it my motivation!

Yes, I collected my Christmas present from the library where it was exhibited today. The painting is now in pride of place in the dining room so it can been seen as soon as I walk through the front door. I’m particularly pleased that it looks good in this position, as after being so keen to have it, I did then have worries that our house wouldn’t do the painting justice. Of course, it’s not as good as a proper gallery but I am happy it doesn’t do the picture too great a disservice.

Today is also the first day since the great after Christmas slump that I’ve actually felt energized and motivated. (The New Year’s Eve party was good but that only counts as an evening!) Thanks probably to a couple of early nights, a break from exercise followed by a strong swim this morning and a lovely relaxing day at a friend’s house, I’m now revved up to get on with things once the kids go back to school tomorrow. Of course, the real test will be if I still feel this at 9am tomorrow after the mad school run rush!  Fingers crossed!

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