The Art of Creative Application!

January 13, 2010 sarahjameswrites

Snow matter how hard I try I can’t avoid it – the fluffy white stuff that is! However, fortunately even a new flurry last night hasn’t disrupted work too much this week. In fact, I’ve even made it p-art of my plans!

I’ve applied to hold a poetry and photography exhibition at the town library next year (yes, 2011!) featuring snaps illustrating some of my poems, including a few snowy scenes. Applications are only considered once a year, September, so I’ve some time to wait before I know whether they’ll be able to give me a slot. But keep everything crossed!

Art has been on my mind a lot this week as I’ve also been looking at some fantastic potential designs, sketches, canvases for the front cover of my poetry collection Into the Yell (due out from Circaidy Gregory Press this summer/autumn). Not only are they so amazing that I can’t choose my favourite from three or four strong contenders but it has also been a tremendous buzz – both knowing they are inspired directly by/in response to my poetry and just seeing my words interpreted in a different art form!

Finally, I’ve been rediscovering the art of more academic writing. I’ve decided to apply to do a creative writing MA in poetry and I have to submit two fairly longish academic/literary poetry reviews (TLS or London Review of Books style) with my application form. That’s longer and more academic than I’d normally stick up on my blog. But seeing as I’m going to the effort of writing them, I’d like to use them for more than just my application so if anyone knows a potential market for them (paying or otherwise) once I’ve finished…

And to finish without any form, art or applications – but returning to the winter theme – fingers and twigs crossed that even the snow doesn’t stop our Poetry Society stanza meeting on Friday!

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