Holiday, holiday, holiday!

April 21, 2010 sarahjameswrites

Did you hear a loud bang on Monday? If you did, chances are it was me returning to earth with a bump after a fantastic weekend at Center Parks Longleat.

We’ve never done center parks before and I was a bit dubious…until we got there. After three days of cycling, walking, spa baths, swimming, barbecues and sangria, I am now officially a convert – well, in the good weather at least. It was great just to be able to get on a bike and cycle through parkland without having to worry about cars. And I even managed to get a few pictures of some of the squirrels and many rabbits. Our accommodation was also blissfully spacious – always good news with two energetic children!

Anyway, to help break me back into reality gently, I’ve been playing with the paints and doing some collage – all featuring poetry, of course.

The real work starts again tomorrow. But only two days and then I’m off to a poetry workshop in Ledbury and then on down to my parents’ in Gloucestershire for their village’s annual duck race. The kids are already going quackers about it!

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