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Worcestershire LitFest 2018 The Launch

Poet Laureate

WLFNext week is the 8th WLF! We kick off this Sunday afternoon at The Angel Centre with the Launch and Poet Laureate Finals. 

32956642_1734839963219760_862596090652786688_nJoin us for the Launch of the Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe 2018 at the wonderful Angel Centre in the centre of Worcester. 

During the event we will be celebrating the amazing talent of our Worcestershire Young Writers, announcing the winners of our international Flash Fiction and of course crowning the new Worcestershire Poet Laureate for 2018/2019! 

Tickets are just 6 pounds and include a drink on arrival. There will be a well stocked donations bar for the rest of the event and some nibbles. 

We hope you can join us for this exciting event, jam packed with brilliant performances from Worcestershire’s finest writers!

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Wednesday Reflections/Too Modest

Reflections/poem biography for Too Modest

“A rhythm river trimmed
                        with reeds,
             silver fish & light slivers”

Essential symbiosis 1024pixels
Lorine Niedecker
                     was a great
             American poet

Paring back
to its skeleton

                    This spare frame
graced with
                    natural music

Please read her
                    & feel yourself
reeled in

by each line

Electric Questions - lit version smallerDiscussion Point

How spare can a poem get before it is too spare? Why? What functions might the white space around the words fulfil – in this poem and in general?

Inspiration/ Writing Prompt

Choose a writer that you really admire. Can you create a poem or story that reflects this admiration – either by directly drawing on their life and work, or by using a technique, theme or style that is characteristic of their writing? Alternatively, imagine you’re in a room with them. What would you talk about? You could present this piece in a faux-interview style or using conversation only.

plentyfish cover (1)At poetry readings, I often enjoy hearing about the background to a particular poem. ‘Wednesday Reflections/Sometimes I smile’ is my attempt to share the inspiration, frustrations, pain, philosophies and thoughts that lie behind my poetry collection ‘plenty-fish’. Each Wednesday, this blog will contain one of these ‘poem biographies’, as well as points for potential reader discussion and also writers’ prompts. My collection ‘plenty-fish’ may be bought from Nine Arches Press, here, or my website, here. More Wednesday Reflections on other poems in the collection can also be found here.

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