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Spring again!

I’ve lost track now of how many weeks (months!) it is since my last blogpost. My second lockdown birthday has come and gone. More than ever, life feels like a strange mixture of sadness and joy, dark and light, fear and hope. If nothing else though, the past year has highlighted what I’ve known for a long time yet don’t always pay heed to – the need to appreciate all the good things, however small, especially those that it’s easy to take for granted. Like birdsong through open windows, sunshine on my face, a moment of quiet when life feels frantic, painful or overhwhelming. It’s spring again, regardless of the pandemic, despite the sudden cold and flurries of snow along with the white blossom. Sunshine sparkles through the frost, and my overgrown garden gifts the surprises of primroses, bluebells and dandelions’ long-stalked small suns.

On the writing front, I’m delighted to have had a haiku included in Liv Torc’s Haiflu.3 lockdown poetry-film project Week Eight Haiflu 3.0 poetry film ‘Roadmap Through the Daffodils’ Tuesday 23 February – Monday 1 March 2021.

Also, What we see (flash) published on Fragmented Voices on 12 March 2021.

I’m very pleased too to have my flash ‘Flamingos in Plastic Heels’ accepted for Issue 5 of Briefly Zine (out in June) and my drabble ‘In the woodshed’ accepted for the fall issue of The Dribble Drabble Review.

The Mum Poem Press have now opened pre-orders for the anthology Songs of Love and Strength in which I have a poem, ‘Dents’. The anthology, which can be pre-ordered here, features over 100 poems about many different experiences of motherhood. Songs of Love and Strength is published on 5 May 2021 as part of UK Maternal Mental Health Week, with profits from the anthology sales donated to the PANDAS Foundation. The press has also put together lots of extras, like the personalised contributor image above, the animation below and related merchandise can also be found in the press shop.


Finally, and very importantly, I’m absolutely delighted to have had the chance to read an advance copy of Russian Doll by Teika Marija Smits and provide this endorsement:

“This moving collection is alive with vivid characters and the longing, living and learning of love, belonging, and sometimes loss – in family, friendship, life. Here, Smits’s Russian doll is mother and child, fake news and Death’s toy, all contained within poems as layered and expansive as a set of matryoshka dolls, slowly revealing their secrets.”

Russian Doll is available from Indigo Dreams Publishing here.

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